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Project Description


Welcome to your next big up-leveling.

Do you work in a high performing environment?

Does your team regularly conduct high stakes meetings?

Is your organization preparing for a transition?

Combining The Transition Effect™ and The Driven Women Approach™ gives you and your organization the winning edge.

The Driven Women Approach™ to coaching will fast track your success.

If you need to regularly bring your A-game, or you are preparing for a high stakes event, working together we will train you to not only sharpen your mental edge and hone your best performance, but to also flip it on like a switch when you need it most.. Big changes are made during unexpected yet well executed moments of peak performance.

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Having personally interviewed countless women who have achieved success in traditionally male dominated industries, this lively and engaging keynote presentation will teach key principles to leadership about how to develop and retain your top female talent and help them to be better owners and shapers of their success.

Your audience will walk away empowered by stories of resilience, strength, determination and success as told by the creator of the Driven Women Project.


Organizations are in a constant state of transition.  Teaching your teams the key principles of The Transition Effect™ will equip them with the skills to easily navigate the most challenging and unexpected transitions in their day, week, plan or project.


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